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楼市回暖楼盘销售呈现两极分化 土地供应又减少 说明

为抑制房产泡沫 预计2017年房地产投资增速为5%

教你两个平台对打 功能特色:

1.家装消费趋势升级 家装业开启规模厮杀
2.家居企业收获“黄金周” 市场现回暖迹象
3.政策工具充足 央行发声稳汇率
5.一二线城市地价上涨迅速 房企普遍收缩拿地规模


1. With the momentum now back behind the iPhone and anticipation growing for the Watch, Mr Cook seems to have won back the confidence of Apple employees, something that analysts say was obvious in his demeanour at this year’s product launches.
2. 8.My resume is 5 pages long for a good reason. – Because I’m darn good at bullshittin’!
3. This story pulls directly from the real Bling Ring gang , whose burglaries racked up $3 million over the span of ten months in 2008. All of the celebrities listed in the movie were real victims of this group, who claim to have been motivated by the "cultural obsession" surrounding celebrities' personal lives. Whatever their motives, the Bling Ring is a good reminder to take a step back from the media every once in a while.
4. ‘Jeopardy!’ This game show celebrated the 50th anniversary of its debut (broadcast on March 30, 1964), and proved it can still not only stump viewers but also surprise them. That’s not just because the host, Alex Trebek, briefly regrew a mustache after 13 clean-shaven years, but also because some contestants showed they could still rile an audience. This year, it was Arthur Chu, who introduced a blitzkrieg style of gamesmanship that provoked a cyber hate-fest. His strategy was thrilling and certainly effective: he came in second in the Tournament of Champions. (Ben Ingram, the nice guy, finished first.)
5. 中国力争达成自己的亚太区协议
6. ‘Veep’ “House of Cards,” the Netflix phenomenon, showed its weaknesses this year, but HBO’s “Veep,” the other most cynical show about Washington, got stronger in its third season. The scene in a restroom in which Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and her assistant, Gary (Tony Hale) discover that she is going to become president and dissolve into uncontrollable laughter was one of the great comic moments of 2014.


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2、淄博130家建陶企业要搬迁 实现三年大变样
4、天津地标性建筑津门将出售100%股权 底价7.6亿
5、国管公积金贷款买房政策收紧 北京楼市小阳春或降温
6、35城库存环比连跌六月 业内:一线城市需补库存....