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1. “An employee baked a cake with her resignation letter written on top.”
2. 12岁的年纪,大多数的小女孩都还在向父母争取打耳洞的机会,努力适应高中生活,从青少年时代开始为将来做准备。
3. engaged
4. Canadian schools continue to lose ground. Only three remain in the ranking compared with five last year and all fall about six places. Among these, Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto is the highest ranked at 65, while Smith School of Business at Queen’s University is bottom of the table in 100th place.
5. 俄罗斯总统普京说,无论谁在明年的美国总统大选中胜出,他都希望改善与美国的关系。
6. 房价尽管缓慢却持续不断地增长与近期数据走势一致,这些数据显示10月份对房地产投资有所增加,新一轮限购对录得的销售几乎没有任何负面影响。


1. found(v 建立;使有根据)作为词根表示:底部
2. "It's a great conservation success story."
3. 旅友们,注意啦!尽管你可能还没制定好旅行计划,但“2014年最佳旅游目的地榜单”已经新鲜出炉了。近日,著名旅行指南出版商孤独星球出版社发布了“2014最佳旅游”排行榜。下面我们就从排名前十的国家中挑选出一些目的地让你先睹为快。
4. 专家警告说,在普通词汇中添加数字或符号根本没用。斯莱恩说:“黑客们都知道你的小伎俩,对容易破解的密码稍作调整不会更安全。”
5. 只有公民,而他们的选择不仅可能、而且必然会改变。
6. discourse


1. 出租房
2. After being named Esquire's "Sexiest Women Alive" in October and Details' "Most F*ckable Celebrity" last month, the gorgeous 29-year-old has now snagged another honor: FHM's "Sexiest Woman In The World 2013," beating 99 other ladies and countless more who didn't even make the list.
3. WTF.1: Next Level of Working Moms
4. Golden State equaled the 1957-58 Celtics as the only defending champions to win their initial 14 games. The Warriors are one of five teams in NBA history to begin 14-0, and will travel to Denver looking to keep it going Sunday.
5. McCarthy took home $33 million in earnings, up $10 million from 2015.
6. [.depri'vein]


1. adj. 故意的,有意的;打算中的 n. 已订婚者 v.
2. in进入,stitute站,建立-站进去;进入建立的状态-创立
3. 日本总体排名第五,是亚洲表现最优异的国家。“原动力”排名第五,“前瞻性”排名第一。
4. 单词amendment 联想记忆:
5. 根据全球最大航运公司马士基航运公司(Maersk Line)的数据,从汽车到集装箱运输的纺织品,1月中国对巴西出口同比下降60%,而通过集装箱进入拉美最大经济体的总进口量减半。
6. 《北美自由贸易协定》(Nafta)的大戏


1. Spielman was sifting through dirt at the Emek Tzurim national park on the slopes of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem when she noticed the small rectangular object.
2. According to the report, students from prestigious universities were less willing to start businesses, likely because of high opportunity cost.
3. “我……学会了与来自其他文化及社会的人们进行互动,”一位来自瑞典的毕业生说。

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