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1. 单词compromise 联想记忆:
2. 10.自拍杆
3. The report ranks brands based on financial performance, its influence on customers, and its power to command a premium price or drive company sales.
4. 伦敦阿格纽艺术品交易所(Agnew’s)的主管安东尼·克赖顿-斯图尔特(Anthony Crichton-Stuart)说:“如果没有意识到我们处在非常危急的关头,那就太天真了。人们的偏好出现了重大转变。但是如果拍卖会上出现一幅18世纪前绘画大师的佳作,而且价位合理,人们还是会感到兴奋。”
5. Bra discussions: Lindsay Lohan discusses her lingerie needs with a sales assistant in the Naked store in SoHo, New York on Tuesday .  来!内衣分析一下:周二在
6. 联想记忆


1. 9.澳大利亚贝拉林半岛
2. n. 生存,幸存者
3. Although it looked like the mobile patent wars might cool off after several settlements late in 2014, this year kicked off with a skirmish between Apple and Ericsson over patent royalties related to wireless communications. BlackBerry used to be pretty litigious: It even took on celebrity Ryan Seacrest over its keyboard! But these days it is more focused on trying to convince smartphone buyers that its technology is cool again. Or at least relevant.
4. “太可怕了,”他说,“我见到有人带枪,就把枪拿走,报告警察。”
5. 报告称,北上广深等一线城市居民承受着较大的经济压力;而四线及以下城市的工作机会较少,人脉在生活的各个方面都起着重要作用。
6. vt. 抵押


1. 单词accomplished 联想记忆:
2. adj. 有限的,被限制的
3. Kim, it's so simple and entry-level Finishing School stuff: keep knees and ankles together and swivel.
4. 该排名衡量的是欧洲商学院研究生课程的质量和广度。商学院必须参与所有这4项排名,才有资格获得完整得分。伦敦商学院去年排名第三,为首次参与所有4项排名。
5. 莱昂纳多迪卡普里奥和嘎嘎小姐在今年金球奖拔得头筹。
6. Oops. Better luck in 2015, everybody.


1. 汉娜库赫勒(Hannah Kuchler)是驻旧金山记者
2. 立场:为禁止员工在家上班进行辩解
3. Format: After a one-week orientation, classes are held on alternating weekends on Fridays and Saturdays, with accommodations provided on Friday nights. Final term sessions are held on campus for two weeks with the remainder of the term completed online.
4. 以下是人们经常用来描述自己的一些句子。
5. The Asia-Pacific is the common home of all countries in the region. China does not want to see any party in the Asia-Pacific region feel compelled to choose sides under the influence of a Cold-War mentality.
6. devastating


1. 4. 外包就业服务
2. 伊利诺伊大学的科学家们上个月取得的突破性进展预示着全球农业将迎来第二次绿色革命——他们提高了光合作用的效率,这是植物将阳光转化为生物量的过程,也是人类所有食物的来源。
3. Company: Samasource

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    States are falling all over themselves to be chosen as the site for Tesla’s proposed $5 billion Gigafactoryto produce lithium ion batteries. California is competing with Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and the bidding for the factory, which could employ up to 6,500 people, is said to be up to $500 million.

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