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1. 周一晚间,安卡拉方面证实,不欢迎荷兰驻土耳其大使返回土耳其。
2. brace
3. The first chart shows the total incidence of banking, currency and debt default crises in emerging markets since the 1970s, set against the nominal federal funds rate. Mr Koepke gives this as evidence that high and rising rates typically precede periods of EM crisis.
4. 给你我无尽的新的祝福,让它们成为我们永恒友谊的新的纪念。
5. 科技、电信企业与一些快餐集团的品牌价值均出现增长,后者包括星巴克(BrandZ将它列入这一分类)和麦当劳(McDonald's),麦当劳的品牌价值增长9%,尽管排名没有变化。


1. 1. 仅根据薪水选工作
2. For the first time in six years, a new challenger has topped the FT’s ranking of executive MBA programmes.
3. The other issue with tanking is Philly, Phoenix, and Brooklyn are all bad teams. It's going to be hard to outflank those outfits.
4. "They say: 'I wonder why she kept her head down in the meeting; I wonder why she's not eager to take over that project; I wonder why she's leaving early a couple days a week," Kay says. "You're planting questions in their head."
5. 新晋的富翁包括第一位以戏剧制作人身份进入榜单的卡梅隆·麦金托什,WeWork的亚当·诺依曼和米格尔·麦凯尔维,以及图片分享网站Pinterest的创始人本·希伯尔曼和埃文·夏普。
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1. 如果你处于失业状态:
2. vt. 买,购买
3. 5.同性婚姻
4. Only asset management firms saw profits rise, up 16.7 per cent year-on-year to Rmb3.7bn.
5. A total of 61 IPOs were launched on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, down 67 percent on the same period last year. About 28.8 billion yuan (4.3 billion U.S.dollars) was raised, down by 80 percent.
6. “…fell asleep.”


1. 尽管每轮市场反弹最终都呈V形,每次连续的涨势中,个股的参与越来越少。今年春夏两季的绝大部分时间里,时事分析评论员们都专注于赢家与输家、大盘股和小盘股之间的明显差异。欧洲的通缩担忧以及日本的技术性衰退,使得分析师们愈加困惑,尽管美国经济正在好转,美国国库券收益率和通胀指标却双双下行。
2. 4. HHhH
3. In 2012, Google introduced Google Glass, a computer you can wear on your face. Someone wearing the glasses can be walking down the street or doing any everyday task while simultaneously seeing an overlay of calendar appointments, messages, and subway alerts. They can make video calls and even upload live videos to the Internet while on the move, without ever needing to use their hands. Google Glass might be cool, it might be new, it might be revolutionary, but it's definitely not the first pair of wearable computer glasses.
4. n. 文件,公文,文档
5. 服务业增加值占国内生产总值比重上升到51.6%;
6. 报告还显示,2012年以来,企业养老保险累计结余虽不断扩大,但可支付月数由2012年的19.7个月下降至2015年的17.7个月。


1. Inflation for consumers, meanwhile, ticked up slightly to 1.5 per cent, versus a five-year low of 1.4 per cent in November.
2. 中国富人正在寻找属于自己的岛
3. Dershowitz said this guidance was too vague to provide students with any real understanding of the school's expectations. "When you punish a student seriously without articulating standards, I think it raises questions," he said.

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