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1. n. 石油
2. If managers suspect you're looking elsewhere, your LinkedIn profile is often the first place they'll snoop, says Jenny Foss, founder of the career blog and author of "Ridiculously Awesome Job Search Kit." "It's where a lot of people tend to get busted," she adds。
3. 律师本质上是谨慎的,但他们中的大多数人已经认识到,技术是处理他们需要梳理的大量信息的关键。没有技术,披露和合规等一些需要处理很多文件的工作几乎不可能完成。
4. The fall in profits in December highlights the challenges facing an industrial sector racked by overcapacity and falling prices, adding to pressure on authorities to loosen monetary policy and boost infrastructure spending to cushion the slowdown.
5. 这篇文章指出,食用有益于心脏的食物是防止痴呆、保护记忆力的关键。一些心脏病的并发症和阿尔茨海默症以及痴呆症的并发症十分相似,因此研究阿尔茨海默症和痴呆症的教授们认为,有益于心脏的食物大概也有益于大脑和记忆。水果、蔬菜、全麦面包、豆子、坚果和橄榄油都有对心脏有益。如果这10个方法你不能都采用的话,一个健康的饮食至少能让你不要丢失记性。
6. 这个夏天,诺埃尔将成为受限制自由球员,考虑到他公认的防守能力、未开发的潜力和乐透秀身份,他期望得到一份慷慨的补偿合同,即使他的职业生涯上场时间还不足5000分钟。


1. 单词portion 联想记忆:
2. 普兰特?莫兰:甜食福利惹人馋
3. [.h?spi't?liti]
4. 收集了一些明星们挑选南瓜的相片。看看这些照片,然后告诉我们:你准备好庆祝周三的万圣节了吗
5. A reporter was turned away at the unit where Ross lived, with a woman politely stating from behind the closed front door that the child’s mother isn’t ready to speak publicly.
6. 3.Artificial Pancreas


1. [b?k'ti?ri?]
2. pro在前面+tect盖上+ion→保护
3. 韩国最大的整形医院之一,由权株创立的JK整形手术中心,近期开了一家旅馆来更好地服务顾客。这些顾客每次看病人均花费17675美元。
4. Agents and investment institutions are now flooding the sector, causing additional changes to the platforms in the world's second-largest economy, the report said.
5. Vocal duo: Thompson Square
6. We will move forward with ecological conservation and improvement.


1. The first selfie stick was invented long before the first handheld mobile device was made. A selfie stick was definitely invented by the Japanese man Hiroshi Ueda in the 1980s. A photographer and worker at the Minolta camera company, Hiroshi made the selfie stick because he and his wife were unable to take pictures of themselves during a trip to Europe. (When he asked a boy to take pictures of them, the boy ran off with the camera.)
2. 我没有看到太多迹象表明,“合弄制”(Holacracy)等激进的“无管理者”模式将会普及。但会有越来越多的公司意识到,如果他们不断地尝试创新——就像初创公司那样——他们将比老派的官僚制度和精英管理制度更加灵活和果断。
3. Allow me to congratulate you on the arrival of the New Year and to extend to you all my best wishes for your perfect health and lasting prosperity.
4. 5. Constantly take action.
5. ['medl]
6. We will ensure that foreign trade continues to pick up and register steady growth.


1. Best chances: Dafoe is probably the current front runner for best supporting actor.
2. 事实证明,许多投资者站在了库克这一边。经历了动荡的2013年,苹果股价在这次股东大会后上涨了约50%,一度将苹果市值推至7000亿美元之上。
3. 愿你度过最美好的新年!

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