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1. 而关于小牛这支球队,问题并不全是司机该怎么让位。在老司机的整个职业生涯中,这一直是一直有实力的球队。德克今年这样支离破碎的赛季实在令人痛苦。或许下个夏天他就会加入科比、KG和大基本功先生的队伍中去。
2. 我经常生气
3. More than 70% said self-realization was the biggest motivation to start a business.
4. LBS moves back to the top place, thanks in part to the highest salary, at $167,000, and being second best in value-for-money terms. The school is first for international course experience and second for alumni mobility.
5. Jackdaw Research的简?道森(Jan Dawson)表示,最近几个月“他表现得更加意气风发和充满自信”。
6. 高中版的霍华德不像NBA版的霍华德那样令人生畏。如此看来,成为一个NBA巨星,霍华德付出了十倍的努力。


1. 3. Smart laundry peg
2. Stand: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a stand for immigration reform
3. Whole Foods CEO John Mackey
4. 节目17 小品《你摊上事儿了》,秦海璐 王茜华 孙涛 方清平
5. 单词scroll 联想记忆:
6. 项目总成本:17.66万美元


1. For: Strong reviews, and praise for the performances - particularly from the children at the centre of the story, and Willem Dafoe, who plays the manager of the motel where they live.
2. vigor(n 精力;活力)
3. Included will be messages about smoking causing cancer and women who give the charmer a run for his money as 'little twists' have been added to make the story suitable for the modern reader.
4. 煽动家的运动自然导致了专制统治——多数人的暴政掩盖了一个人的暴政。
5. 声明表示,安诺杰在会谈中承诺将加强管理,增强与中国科协的合作,提升科学公信力。他强调,施普林格自然集团并非针对中国,他们也撤销过其他国家专家的论文。
6. 据《重庆晨报》报道,经调查后,荣昌警方于4月29日以危害公共安全的罪名逮捕了周某。


1. 上周五,中国汽车制造协会宣布,1月份的乘用车销量达到220万台,比去年同期增长了9.3%,同时,新能源汽车的产量则激增了144%。
2. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) produced its Worldwide Cost of Living 2016 report, ranking countries based on the cost of various products and services.
3. ['?p?reit]
4. n. 高兴;快活
5. Average years of work experience: 10 in Philadelphia, 12 in San Francisco
6. Sun said he tried to pry open the elevator door, but dismissed the idea and instead leaned against the wall concerned there could be a malfunction that would send the elevator in a free fall.


1. 瑞典就人道主义援助贡献基金而言,属于最慷慨的国家之一,整体排名第六。“公民权益”排名第二,“最佳绿色生活国家”排名第一。
2. 第七步 培养癖好
3. The fastest growing start-ups tend to be global in their outlook. The immigration restrictions already imposed by President Trump in the US and those under consideration as part of the UK’s separation from the EU are likely to be a hindrance in the coming year for hiring.

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    The theories, yes, and also the bad statistics traditional economists use to mislead America: The worst offender, GDP is a narrow, misleading measure of America's long-term growth. And second, our obsessive focus on short-term numbers, daily stock closings, quarterly earnings, annual returns, is stunting America's long-term growth.

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    Such insights are of particular interest to litigation funders, who back claimants in return for a cut of damages and who try to assess the likely outcomes of disputes before committing their money. But that may have to be 2019’s breakthrough, or probably beyond.

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