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中国家居澄清停牌质疑 称公司业务重点在产品销售及贸易 说明

35城库存量连降4个月 机构称房价将稳中向上

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1.顶固家居新三板挂牌上市 上市家居企业再添新军
2.IPO重启预披露 4家建材企业迎来上市曙光
5.700亿元东北特钢破产重整案行将完成 抚顺特钢易主
6.新三板再扩容 达特照明挂牌上市


1. 年度最佳单曲:米兰达·兰伯特《Over You》
2. 5.电子烟
3. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto both won for their startlingly gaunt performances in the Texas HIV drama 'Dallas Buyers Club.' Leonardo DiCaprio, a nine-time Golden Globe nominee, won his second Globe for best actor in a comedy for his uninhibited work in 'The Wolf of Wall Street.' He thanked director Martin Scorsese for his mentorship ('Wolf' is their fifth film together) and for 'allowing me to stalk you to make this movie.'
4. 一封投递给美国某位大学生的、来自于其曾经的未婚妻的情书现在终于上路了,虽然这封情书写于1958年,整整迟了53年。
5. Shapley made early theoretical inroads into the subject, using game theory to analyze different matching methods in the 1950s and 1960s. Together with US economist David Gale, he developed a mathematical formula for how 10 men and 10 women could be coupled in a way so that no one would benefit from trading partners. While that may have had little impact on marriages and divorces, the algorithm they developed has been used to better understand many different markets.
6. At age 20, the teen prodigy of "Royals" raised the bar, marrying the massive vistas of electronic music alongside the human-scaled and handmade on her second LP, with help from co-producer Jack Antonoff.


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1、都是开发商的“套路” 一不小心都是购房的坑
2、进口家居销售潜力巨大 多为买手制全球采购
4、二线城市“升温”明显 “高烧”不会成楼市常态
5、传统家居行业迎难而上 深耕实体线下服务