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长租公寓甲醛污染:用最差的地板 装修仅需两万元

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1.40年住房变迁:百姓“小确幸” 民生大变化
2.涂料行业巨变在即 涂料也不再只是涂料
4.“以房养老”试点4年承保不足百户 专家建议与居家养老相结合
5.业内预计一线城市租赁住房 占比将超30%
6.客流下降商家撤离 家居卖场引海底捞干副业


1. 就像在领英上面快速的翻新简介一样,Foss说雇主们可能也会关注你突然一下子从推送小猫的GIF图和权力的游戏的剧透到推送一些具有思考意义的产业专注内容,参加Twitter上面找工作聊天。这些举动对你找工作当然有帮助,但是无益于找工作的隐秘性,所以还是要强调一下,慢慢来。
2. 《Chandelier》的视频点击量已突破7.12亿,是YouTube点击量最高的MV排行榜上的第17名。
3. The Swiss school came top of the list of 90 best masters programmes worldwide in 2016, winning its sixth consecutive crown.
4. The cities of Hefei and Xiamen once again led the pack with growth of 48.6 per cent and 45.9 per cent, respectively.
5. Simply put, bladeless fans are fans without blades. They work by sucking in air at their base and then blowing them out through several holes in their ring. The fan is reported to have been invented by James Dyson, who calls it the "Air Multiplier." Just like the flying jetpack, it earned a spot in Time's list of notable inventions of 2009. And just like the jetpack, it was not the first of its kind. The first bladeless fan was actually patented in 1981 by a Japanese company called Tokyo Shiba Electric. Although Tokyo Shiba's bladeless fan was never manufactured, James Dyson's initial design of a bladeless fan design looked so similar to that of Tokyo Shiba Electric that the patent office refused to grant him a patent. The patent granted to Tokyo Shiba had already expired, but the patent office still required something substantially different before it could grant a new patent to James Dyson. Dyson's patent manager, Gill Smith, did not deny the similarities between both bladeless fans but said the difference between them was the "technology."
6. 凯特哈德森接受ELLE专访谈感情


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1、大家居时代的平台化冲突 整体家居整合力堪忧
3、十年统计分析:中国人出行时间增多 旅游需求越来越强
6、深圳新房均价连续八个月下跌 市场呈平稳态势....


      西西软件园 Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said the joining of the two colors reflected “a soothing sense of order and peace” — presumably an attractive thing to incorporate into a product at a time of insecurity and global turbulence. It also implies that there is no line between “us” and “them.”
      IDC believes that the rising disposable income of Chinese people has resulted in greater consumption, which contributed to the rapid growth of the domestic smartphone market.