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1. [breis]
2. [st?k]
3. 加拿大
4. The lyrics are stupid, but who cares? Tom Jones sings like nobody's business, and pounds the theme to Thunderball out with a silky energy. It's powerful but alluring. This is the sort of song you imagine Bond would play on a jukebox when he's about to seduce you. There are better James Bond theme songs, but none from a male singer. Tom Jones and James Bond probably go out for dry martinis together all the time. They're the perfect pair.
5. China's box office sales hit a record high in 2015, by pulling in 44 billion yuan, or some 6.8 billion US dollars, with domestic films accounting for a large chunk of that growth.
6. 4、《美国队长3:内战》


1. ['steibl]
2. v. 决定,决心,确定,测定
3. 在你醒着的时候,肝可以扩大将近一半。新的研究指出,在白天的时候,肝有能力扩大近50%,然后在夜间则会缩回到原始尺寸。肝是我们所知道到的唯一一个可以这样变化的器官。
4. n. 回想,记忆,纪念品
5. 这部由塞巴斯蒂安.马拉比(Sebastian Mallaby)所著的《知者:格林斯潘传》(The Man Who Knew),是这项奖金额为3万英镑的奖项的第12位获奖者。该奖项奖励的是年度“最令人瞩目和愉悦的”图书。
6. adj. 毁灭性的,令人震惊的,强有力的


1. 某种程度上,这种借鉴是基于这样的假设:把一种时装风格从它自身的环境中剥离出来,就能同时去除它所有潜在的负面寓意:譬如战争和王朝。它会变成一种独立存在的审美形式,不再象征任何复杂的社会和政治动荡。
2. 遇到别人我能很轻松地和他/她交谈
3. 单词deprivation 联想记忆:
4. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz
5. Directing for a Mini-Series or Movie: Susanne Bier, “The Night Manager”
6. 7.Do not ask a policeman the best way to get to the West End or how to use an Oyster card. He wants to help, but he's from the West Midlands.


1. calculation
2. 单词consciousness 联想记忆:
3. 徐成光在新闻发布会上表示,截至上午10时20分,已打捞出97具遗体。
4. 社会科学家们分析了来自大西洋两岸的数据,发现了一些惊人的事情:在社区内,引起白人不满,并令他们支持反移民政策的,并不是多样化民族或种族的人数,而是变化的速度。
5. Roth, 60, is a professor at Harvard University in Boston. Shapley, 89, is a professor emeritus at University of California Los Angeles.
6. Import growth lifted year-on-year to a pace of 17.7 per cent for the period, up from 17.2 per cent a month earlier and beating an expected rate of 11.3 per cent.


1. ? The transport infrastructure in New York City has been dealt a huge blow. Many of the city's subway tunnels are flooded.
2. Speaking of his desire to make their relationship to be 'official', Lagerfeld once said: 'There is no marriage, yet, for human beings and animals… I never thought that I would fall in love like this with a cat.
3. 7.Yes, John was with me last night. – Because that’s what friends do… we agree and ask questions later。

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