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索菲亚家居拟募资不超11亿 升级互联网+平台

宁夏通报35起建筑领域违法违规的典型案例 说明

地产圈新花样 盘点“互联网+”下的新式营销

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1.楼市低迷拖累金九银十 业内称或迎凶猛价格战
2.北京楼市成交量价平稳 互联网房源乱象治理刻不容缓
4.5月房贷利率4.49%仍然宽松 再创历史新低
6.超高建筑“重庆天地”复工 重庆跻身“世界摩天城市”


1. The book reflects growing anxiety in some quarters about the possible negative impact of automation on jobs, from manufacturing to professional services. The subtitle of its UK edition warns of “the threat of mass unemployment” and, in the US edition, foresees “a jobless future”.
2. Online programmes appeal more to senior professional students than those who take full-time programmes. Participants on online MBAs are aged 34 on average compared to 28 for full-time participants. Online students are also more likely to seek a promotion following the course with their existing employer. While the majority of full-time MBA graduates (90 per cent) worked for different companies three years after graduation, only about 55 per cent of online graduates did so.
3. Law firms will lead the pack, with 30% expecting to add staff. Paralegals with four to six years' experience are in particular demand, as are attorneys who specialize in "lucrative areas like litigation, health care, bankruptcy, and foreclosure law," the report says.
4. "While most Chinese brands remain unknown to the outside world, within China they are establishing themselves with ever more sophisticated campaigns," said Rupert Hoogewerf, Hurun Report chairman and chief researcher.
5. 麦高恩说“让女性发怒还很难”,MeToo支持者“为自己编写了一部小说”,并没有直面好莱坞的本质。
6. identity


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2、中国钢铁业去年亏损超千亿 企业被指以“自杀”方式争市场
5、地价倒逼房价 刚需被挤压至商住楼
6、存火灾隐患 CREE宣布召回70万只LED T8灯管....