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1. 连平说道:“在2017年的低基准上,今年CPI可能会以一个更快的速度上涨,但在需求稳定、货币环境紧张的背景下,不会出现明显的通胀压力。”
2. inspiring
3. 不会。当然,这种情况可能发生,但是只要运气不是太差,梅眼下至少可以确保英国经济不会在2019年因掉落“无协议”悬崖而急剧下滑。2017年12月,“共识预测”(Consensus Forecasts)预测2018年英国将增长1.5%。该机构对日本和意大利的预测值更低,为1.3%。因此英国明年成为G7中经济增长最慢国家的几率应该在四分之一左右。
4. 根据新修订的中国刑法,在国家级别考试中,凡是组织、协助或是参与作弊行为的人,将会受到3至7年的有期徒刑。
5. No.1: Einstein Alive Again?
6. 该杂志称,他的净资产为35亿美元,与前一年相比缩水了10亿美元。


1. Learn to control your emotions, control your thoughts, get over fear of rejection and learn to open up.
2. “写这本书的一大挑战是异性恋男人能改变一个女人的生活并使她死心塌地的看法。”
3. China will continue to improve market environment and tap consumption potential while developing complementary cross-border industrial and value chain with countries along the Belt and Road Initiative in the next five years, according to Gao.
4. Having worked with many corporations and companies — large and small — I’ve seen time and time again what works, and what doesn’t。
5. 5. Will China's migrant workers get permanent urban residence in 2010?
6. eccentric


1. The drama won much praise for its use of slow motion when shooting martial arts.
2. castle
3. [r?'m?ntik]
4. 将学习放在最重要的位置
5. 《三生三世十里桃花》是唐七在2009年出版的一部网络小说。今年,这部作品被改编成电影、电视剧以及电脑游戏。
6. 同时,城市周围的乡村地区将会进行修缮,低端的制造厂和公司将会迁移。


1. 米拉·库尼斯继续在各种性感女星排行榜上占据一席之地。
2. 尼古拉斯·凯奇(Nicolas Cage)向来不随大流,他曾向媒体透露,因为居住权问题,他因影片《离开拉斯维加斯》(Leaving Las Vegas)所获得的小金人“正在某辆卡车上穿越路易斯安那州”。显然,如果政府要对你查户口,问问你的小金人在何处就可以了。
3. Strong in many categories, but without quite managing to be a front runner in any. Perhaps Timothee Chalamet's performance is its best chance of awards success.
4. 以下是CareerCast公布的完整榜单:
5. ICBC said net profits increased 0.5 per cent for the year to December 31 2015 — the smallest increase since it listed. Returns on average total assets declined 0.1 percentage points to 1.30 per cent.
6. 单词refrigerator 联想记忆:


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2. Amid rising pollution and a strengthening yuan, the capital city saw its tourist numbers drop to 4.20 million visits from January to November from 5.01 million visits in 2012, according to China Daily, citing a report from China Tourism Academy and Beijing Commission of Tourism Development. An earlier report based on a survey of domestic travel agents showed that visitors to the capital declined by roughly 50% in the first three-quarters of the year compared with a year earlier.
3. DiCaprio received a pat on the back from producer Harvey Weinstein and a standing ovation from the crowd as he collected the award for best actor in a drama for The Revenant.

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