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北京部分银行调整首套房贷利率 最高上调30%

家居卖场掀起促销大战 销售业绩冰火两重天 说明

城镇化导致空城问题严重 官员政绩冲动是主因

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1.抑制投资投机 楼市调控升级 徐州二套房领证三年方可再售
2.不止于引领风潮 智能家居正瞄准家庭
3.卫浴企业欲走出低迷 需重视原创设计
4.楼市库存3年来首现减少 城市间分化依然严重
5.厦门楼市观望情绪浓 融信、保利、三盛等房企降价卖房
6.地板经销商未来发展方向:逆袭 布局 转型


1. The bigger Tesla gets, the more complex its operations become. Since it sells directly to customers and eschews franchised dealers, it will have to develop a network of service centers to handle repairs on the cars it sells. Its unusually generous warranty, which obligates it to buy back used cars for 50% of their original base price after three years, could create a second channel of used Teslas. “Tesla will be eating a lot of three-year-old cars that aren’t as sexy or rare as they were a year ago,” wrote one Seeking Alpha blogger. ‘To me, it sounds like a potential mess.”
2. Gastroenterologists throughout the world will no doubt thank Emmanuel Ben-Soussan and Michel Antonietti for recommending ways that they can minimize patient' gas explosions while the docs perform colonoscopies.
3. BrandZ表示,这些品牌靠近国内市场,这帮助它们从全球品牌手中夺取市场份额,它们还在新地区赢得市场份额。
4. Selling that many cars would make Tesla larger than the U.S. arms of luxury makers like Lincoln and Porsche, both of which have more diverse product portfolios, long-established dealer networks, and refined strategies for marketing and advertising. Half the sales would come from the aging Model S sedan and the other half the new Model X seven-seat crossover that goes into production early next year.
5. 3. oDesk&Elance
6. Nicole Kidman had daughter Sunday Rose at age 40, with her husband, the country singer Keith Urban. 妮可·基德曼40岁时和其丈夫,乡村歌手凯斯·厄本生下女儿桑迪·


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3、东莞二手住宅 上月成交止跌
5、海南乡村民宿逢建必报 严禁变相发展房地产
6、收购补贴冬奥会 连锁反应促LED行业进入新常态....


      西西软件园 'Blue Jasmine' belongs, chronologically, to Woody Allen's late period of self-renewal. Artistically, however, it's a comfortable fit with some of the brightest comedies-the brightest/bleakest/wriest comedies-he's ever done. The centerpiece is Cate Blanchett's astonishing performance as Blanche duBois re-imagined to be the half-mad ex-wife of Alec Baldwin's crypto-Bernie Madoff. Not all that far from the center, Sally Hawkins, Andrew Dice Clay, Bobby Cannavale and Louis C.K., among others, maneuver their way through mine fields of deceit and disappointment.