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1. “One employee’s parents contacted the company to let us know their son was resigning.
2. [freim]
3. temptation
4. I wish you a happy New Year. All affection and best wishes to you and yours.
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6. "If reform implemented 30 years ago solved the problem of ideology, then, at present, reform is to solve the problem of interests. Reform at present is actually like cutting our own with a knife, and we all need to be determined and must strengthen our confidence." WANG YANG, NPC deputy and member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee


1. 2.德语:增长了22.2%
2. Yes — by an eyelash. Democrats will need to win an additional 24 seats, meaning they will have to hold on to all 12 Democratic districts that Mr Trump won last year and pick up the 23 Republican districts that voted for Hillary Clinton, plus one or two more for good measure. The math is not on the Democrats’ side, but history is. The president’s party almost always loses some House seats in the midterms, and sometimes loses big, especially when the president has an approval rating below 50 per cent. See Barack Obama in 2010.
3. announced
4. The 15 ranked online MBA programmes provide flexible study options for working executives, who can expect to graduate with the same qualification as their full-time, residential MBA counterparts.
5. 12. Zoho CRM
6. Unless Charles Oakley successfully sues owner James Dolan, the highlight of the Knicks' 2016–17 season will be Kristaps Porzingis winning the Skills Challenge at All-Star Weekend.


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2. 在全球前50名女富豪中,中国大陆的女企业家占56%。
3. It's a travel pillow that bends to support your head in any position.
4. 时间:2009-11-19 编辑:vicki
5. And second, while perceptions haven't changed much, the reality has: Making sure stuff gets where it needs to go, as cheaply and efficiently as possible, has evolved into a high-tech, high-stakes game that calls for a scarce combination of "hard" and "soft" skills.
6. More than 430,000 students from 1,767 universities in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across China were surveyed. Of the respondents, 89.2% had considered starting a business, with 18.2% reporting firm intentions to do so.


1. 国有企业员工对年终奖表达了比民营企业更高的满意度。这一点毫不奇怪,因为国企的平均年终奖是17318元人民币,比民企的预期年终奖高了大约6000元人民币。
2. 榜单前十名中的其它外国影片为《变形金刚5:最后的骑士》、《摔跤吧!爸爸》、《加勒比海盗5:死无对证》和《金刚:骷髅岛》。
3. [.dem?n'strein]
4. 8. Greenland sharks live for a very long time
5. After weeks of nail-biting auditions and five days of tense semi-finals, Britain’s Got Talent picked one of the 11 acts to be the 2014 champion.
6. Average age: 36 for English blended program


1. 乔布斯在苹果博览会上展示iPod mini ,2004年1月6日,旧金山
2. James Bond Themes 9. "The Man with the Golden Gun" by Lulu
3. The new Spider-Man reboot is the best yet, and it's mostly because the movie is funny. Like, Breakfast Club meets Ferris Bueller's Day Off meets Freaks and Geeks funny.

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    TWO Americans were awarded the Nobel economics prize yesterday for studies on the matchmaking taking place when doctors are coupled up with hospitals, students with schools and human organs with transplant recipients.

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    Make sure you've got a good plan for seeing that your children are cared for when you're scheduled to be in class, and when you need to study. It really is possible to raise children while you're going to school. People do it every day.