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1. Last year, Islamic State militants seized 49 Turkish hostages from Turkey's consulate in Mosul and held them for more than three months before releasing the group. Those hostages included diplomats, soldiers and children.
2. 4. We were wrong - the testes are connected to the immune system after all. Researchers have discovered a "very small door" that allows the testes to send one-way signals to the immune system, and it could explain why some men struggle with infertility, and why certain cancer vaccines keep failing.
3. "She gave her surname as Han when registering, which is also different from the name Su in media reports," the employee said.
4. Barack Obama went on the offensive over foreign policy in the third and final presidential debate, repeatedly accusing Mitt Romney of flip-flopping on major international issues but failing to deliver a killer blow to his opponent's resurgent campaign.
5. 单词determine 联想记忆:
6. [smɑ:t]


1. He was responsible for monitoring how many cupcake aficionados were allowed in the store at one time. Of course Magnolia Bakery isn't exactly complaining. The store proudly displays memorabilia from the show on the walls of their many locations. Today, Magnolia Bakery is known for their banana pudding, but they will always owe their initial success to Carrie Bradshaw and a red velvet cupcake.
2. 鉴于她的成功,她再也无法过上平凡人的生活。
3. embrace
4. The Norwegian Nobel Committee made the announcement Friday in Oslo, saying the three women will split the coveted award for "their nonviolent struggle for the safety of women and for women's rights."
5. She said: 'Bobbi's like a little Beyonce, a little madam really.'
6. “Someone spilled a pot of hot coffee on the candidate.”


1. They are typically designed for students with an average age of 22.
2. n. 奇思妙想,一段楼
3. TV Movie: “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (Masterpiece)” (PBS)
4. 节目34 歌曲《家人》,谭晶
5. n. 土耳其
6. 拉动你的行李箱,带上你的耐心。假日航空旅行季节即将到来,如果你想有趟轻松愉快的旅程,那么对美国人最好的建议就是选择飞往西部。


1. ['k?:p?rit]
2. Get Out
3. 纽约的一家餐馆正在尝试制作市面上最“腐败”的披萨,这种披萨表面覆盖了黄金薄片、鹅肝和松露。
4. 最终,民主政体或者民主共和国为不同观点乃至不同文化的人们提供了较为和谐地比邻而居的方式。
5. While the political system will be fixated on preserving stability as new leaders take the helm, reduced economic flexibility could thwart Beijing's intentions to do so.
6. Nearly half of the Kings' roster should have been traded following the Cousins teardown move and yet none were. Nice. Bring on Buddy Mania. Plenty of good seats still available.


1. 不过,增长疲软对年终奖的影响或许在2015年已见顶。当时,66%的白领员工没有收到年终奖。而2016年的比例实际上比2014年都有所好转,那一年未收到年终奖的比例为61%。
2. adj. 确实的,保障的,有自信的 动词assure的过
3. I empathize with the Mavs' position. It's tough to tell your fans that all hope is lost in November, and it's especially tough when you've got a Hall of Famer still on your roster.

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    Pan Jiancheng, deputy head of the bureau's China Economic Monitoring and Analysis Center, said the increasing proportion of research and development expenditure to GDP indicates that the driving force of economic growth is transforming to innovation-focus from the traditional factors - exports and investment.

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    The Meyerowitz Stories

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    We began the year worried that the US was poised to withdraw from the World Trade Organisation. That hasn’t happened. And it’s now unlikely to any time soon.

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    Box office sales in the world's second largest film market have posted average growth of 35 percent year on year since 2003. In 2015 alone, it grew a whopping 48.7 percent, according to the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT).

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    Man got to sit and wonder ‘why, why, why?’

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    'Fruitvale Station' represents another remarkable feature debut, by the director Ryan Coogler. Its subject matter-the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant, a black, unarmed 22-year-old by a white transit cop in Oakland, Calif.-might have made a documentary. Mr. Coogler had the better idea of exploring it as a dramatized, and to a considerable extent fictionalized, account of the day in Oscar's life that preceded his death. He's played by Michael B. Jordan, whose performance can break your heart or fill it with joy, sometimes simultaneously.