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1. The spread of HIV through drug injections has been effectively controlled. In 2017, the number of people infected through drug abuse was 44.5 percent lower than that in 2012.
2. 全球很多国家的消费者都倾向于购买国产货,这帮助推升了本土品牌的品牌价值。
3. 6. “Taxi”(Jafar Panahi)
4. 1.Bladeless Fans
5. n. 家仆,
6. shorten


1. 扎实有效去产能。
2. “Yao represents the new wave of wealth creation by financial investments in China,” said Rupert Hoogewerf, who compiles the annual list.
3. This has happened elsewhere.
4. 'My first duty, my first responsibility was to be true to the original feel of the book, to be true to Ian Fleming: his creation, his world and his ideas.
5. 而在一年前,台湾的反华人士就选择了向日葵作为他们反华事业的标志。
6. Hillary stays on: Clinton’s CV is chock full of firsts: The only first lady to become a U.S. senator turned viable presidential candidate turned secretary of state. Now a private citizen, she continues to be one of the most watched and listened-to women on the planet. All bets on that she will be the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and the free world’s presumptive next leader. She’s done little to quiet the chatter, including hitting the speaking circuit last month at an estimated $200,000 fee per event and inking a reported $14 million book deal.


1. 这些人造耳朵对那些遭受过耳朵伤害或者耳朵停滞发育即患有小耳畸形的人来讲是巨大的福音。
2. ['breik.θru:]
3. Adriana Lima sizzled in red, while Alessandra Ambrosio looked amazing just months after giving birth.
4. 还是得作秀
5. 我们在中高速行进当中也会系紧安全带,不会让风险“急性发作”,更不会发生区域性或者系统性的风险。
6. 美国


1. arrogant
2. Gov. Ricardo Rossello, 37, proposed several measures aimed at alleviating the crisis shortly after he was sworn in at midnight. Among them is a proposal to hold a referendum that would ask voters whether they prefer statehood or independence. Many have argued that Puerto Rico’s political status has contributed to its decade-long crisis that has prompted more than 200,000 people to flee to the U.S. mainland in recent years.
3. London Business School has topped the European table for the third year running — but continental rivals lead the European schools in the individual rankings used to compile it.
4. 美国选举人团制度已经在两方面失效。
5. 还是得作秀
6. McGowan has also hit out at Meryl Streep, saying that it is 'literally impossible' the actress knew nothing of Weinstein's sexual proclivities until last autumn.


1. [?uv?'r?:l]
2. While Insead’s joint programme dropped back into second place, its single-school programme moved up three places to fourth, a place it last occupied in 2011.
3. 我们的前路应有尽有,我们的前路一无所有……

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