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1. ['disk?:s,dis'k?:s]
2. v. 挖隧道,挖地道
3. Even if Gibson turns out to be a rental and leaves as a free agent this summer, the Thunder will likely feel good about these trade terms.
4. D型人格的人通常自尊心不足,害怕被反对。这也是他们不想向其他人敞开心扉的主要原因。
5. n. 喜剧,滑稽,幽默事件
6. In a rigorous analysis of Dutch financial records, Koudijs and Voth conclude that the only real difference between the pessimists and the optimists was whether they had gone through a harrowing personal experience. Koudijs compares it to the behavior of people who lived through the Great Depression, and who avoided financial risk for decades after trauma had passed.


1. Around 2025, China's richest man's personal wealth will match the US' richest man's, and will be in a race to be the world's richest man, the magazine predicted.
2. “为什么这件事发生在我女儿身上?”她说,“因为枪支造成的死亡太多了,我不知道还要死多少人。”
3. "We are quite interested in looking at China's efforts and experience in combating corruption. It's a problem we are faced with in South Africa, and one we are tackling with a lot of vigor.Recently, the South African government introduced new measures to combat corruption. This is interesting, because it was immediately after a visit by our minister for public services, who met with the minister here who is responsible for anti-corruption measures.So this is one of the examples of the usefulness of this interaction between our leadership and the leadership of the People's Republic of China."
4. 7.Drones
5. Despite the reported success of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's official visit to Canada back in September, timekeeping needs to be looked at for future trips.
6. I'm going to disagree on one team you mentioned: the Kings. The West is a bit shallow again, and Sacramento is in the mix for a playoff spot. It's not likely or anything, but so long as they are in the mix, they have to pull out almost all the stops to grab it.


1. 狗狗雨伞正流行。可爱又有趣的,也非常实用。
2. “It comes down to answering these questions: how do you continue to iterate the platform, how do you continue to augment the team, and how do you build a tapestry of alliances with partners that will accelerate your growth?” Case said.
3. The pear-shaped diamond named The Blue is 13.22 carats is estimated to be worth between $21-$25 million.
4. 沿海江苏省的无锡市以4.9%的环比涨幅连续第二个月处于首位。
5. ‘I Could Not Forget What Happened to Me That Night With Him’
6. 3.卡夫品牌喜爱度:-10%/排名:11


1. He and his girlfriend wrote to each other when he was studying science, he said.They did eventually marry and have four children.
2. “即便人们充分了解了(美联储政策的作用),市场动态也可能相对容易地变得不稳定或不利,”他说,“届时你将陷入一个卖盘压力自我强化的循环。”
3. v. 燃烧,面红,爆发
4. [d?eil]
5. Splashdata's list shows that many people use easily guessable passwords. Some other passwords in the Top Ten include "qwerty," "abc123," "111111," and "iloveyou."
6. Stripping out price, volumes of Chinese imports in October fell a more modest 2.6 per cent from a year earlier, according to estimates from Oxford Economics.


1. The second most sought-after job, according to Zhonggong, was a position offered by the regional earthquake bureau in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, which had 768 applicants as of Tuesday.
2. The only thing worse than being bad is being bad without a vision. Johnson never lacked vision as a player and he's off to a good start as an executive.
3. leakage

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