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1. 你的老板有望学会使用Twitter
2. 愿你的新年充满温馨,祥和,与亲人团聚的快乐,祝乐陶陶,新年乐无限。
3. 与此同时,在线旅游公司途牛(Tuniu)一名销售人员告诉英国《金融时报》,该公司周五已“因萨德问题取消了所有韩国游”。在该网站上搜索韩国游,会弹出一则消息:“ 抱歉,没有找到符合条件的产品。”
4. bacteria
5. HSBC economist Hongbin Qu said the survey pointed to lost momentum in China's manufacturing sector: He expects Beijing to respond with measures to counteract the slowdown.
6. n. 路线,(固定)线路,途径


1. Aspiring young leaders already place more emphasis on using their influence, rather than trying to exert power through the embedded authority of their position or their assigned title. Many are already gaining leadership experience, not through promotion at established institutions but by running bottom-up movements and voluntary groups, or by shaping their own start-ups.
2. virtue
3. 不过,仍有人看涨油市。
4. 如果你在工作时间去寻找其他的工作岗位,很明显,你想要辞掉你的工作。去找一份新工作吧,如果找到,就换吧。
5. 10. "Arrow" (2.2 million)
6. Stand: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a stand for immigration reform


1. Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData said: "Seeing passwords like 'adobe123' and 'photoshop' on this list offers a good reminder not to base your password on the name of the website or application you are accessing.
2. 万事达公司表示,其数据反映出世界主要大城市的互联性,并追踪了商务和休闲飞机乘客的消费方式。
3. Selling that many cars would make Tesla larger than the U.S. arms of luxury makers like Lincoln and Porsche, both of which have more diverse product portfolios, long-established dealer networks, and refined strategies for marketing and advertising. Half the sales would come from the aging Model S sedan and the other half the new Model X seven-seat crossover that goes into production early next year.
4. 8. Jessica Gomes
5. The nearest star, Proxima Centauri, has a planet orbiting it not much bigger than Earth. Its "year" is only 11 days. But it's in the habitable zone because Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf star about 100 times fainter than the sun. And there's hot news that a similar star, 40 light years away, may have three planets in its habitable zone.
6. 8. How to dip dye hair


1. 英国演员丹尼尔卡卢亚扮演的克里斯华盛顿卷入到一个美国小镇的邪恶阴谋中。
2. I hope you have a most happy and prosperous New Year.
3. 《秦时丽人明月心》
4. 《二十二》讲述的是22名慰安妇的故事,是中国首部票房超过1亿元的纪录片。
5. On Monday the research team said the skeleton confirmed that the monarch had severe scoliosis, or twisting of the spine. It may have been painful and caused his right shoulder to appear higher than his left, but there was no evidence of the withered arm depicted in Shakespeare's "Richard III".
6. 自信和迷茫只有一线之隔,而现在的科比·布莱恩特正横跨在这两端。这是在周二与勇士的比赛中我们唯一可以得出的结论。这位湖人队的超级明星打出了自己职业生涯当中,单场至少五次投篮的比赛中最糟糕的一场。


1. *Guest Actress in a Drama Series: Margo Martindale, “The Americans”
2. According to the report, people living in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen suffer much higher economic pressure, while fourth-tier and smaller cities offer fewer job opportunities and connection plays an important role in every aspect of life there.
3. The Death Proof star's early success was on the independent film circuit. But then she met Harvey Weinstein in a hotel room and it is there that she alleges he raped her.

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