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1. At New Year and always, may peace and love fill your heart, beauty fill your world, and contentment and joy fill your days.新年的祝福,平日的希冀,愿你心境祥和、充满爱意,愿你的世界全是美满,愿你一切称心如意,快乐无比。
2. 福布斯杂志称,26岁的劳伦斯能排名榜首,大部分得益于从《饥饿游戏》系列影片的最后一部中分得的收入,以及从她参与拍摄的即将上映的太空探险影片《乘客》中所得的一大笔预付费。
3. 8. Employment futures weak as pensions drain states, municipalities
4. 因特尔:新员工红地毯
5. 在桑迪飓风登陆新泽西Mantoloking之后的早晨,洪水包围了Mantoloking大桥附件的房屋。
6. 最佳歌曲:


1. 梅根·马克尔
2. n. 预定,保留意见
3. 9. Investors brains are so distracted, in denial, they won't get out in time.
4. morality
5. I was waiting for you to bring up the Nets’ situation, so fine, I'll do it here. Jeremy Lin's been out for weeks with a hamstring injury. They're the only team tanking correctly and they're not actually tanking!
6. The wealth and depth of knowledge from around the world adds tremendous value to the course, wrote another graduate from the US, adding that “with so many cultures and experiences represented, a classroom ethics discussion about bribery is not your typical boring USA version”.


1. After China hawk Steve Bannon’s exit there was a temptation to proclaim the death of the Trump White House’s economic nationalism. But that ignored the presence of Donald Trump, who is instinctually a protectionist. He wants “tariffs” rather than deals when it comes to China, as we’ve learned in recent days. He also sees cracking down on China as key to keeping his “America First” promise to his base.
2. Developer:Dontnod Entertainment, Square Enix
3. Company: Binary Group
4. A recent example: When Gwen Stefani launched her new album Spark the Fire, Swyft created a free sticker pack and distributed it on several of its messaging apps. It was downloaded almost a million times and sent between users seven million times, resulting in 41 million impressions in 10 days. Such campaigns cost anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 for brands, Wray says.
5. 谢丽尔·布恩·艾萨克斯,学院理事会主席
6. Comic skit “Big City Small Life”(Wang Ning, Chang Yuan and Ailun)


1. 拉动你的行李箱,带上你的耐心。假日航空旅行季节即将到来,如果你想有趟轻松愉快的旅程,那么对美国人最好的建议就是选择飞往西部。
2. vt. 鼓励,促进,支持
3. document
4. com共同+plex重叠→全部重叠→复杂的
5. “还有大批人没有统计进来,”胡润对英国《金融时报》表示,“两周前我在北京拜访了这家投资公司。一下午的时间,我就发掘出了30个登上今年富豪榜的人。他们去年还不在我们的视线内。”
6. 清华大学公共管理学院主任杨燕绥表示,这4万亿元养老金结余很多都在个人账户里面,现收现付的养老保险制度遇到了抚养比的挑战。


1. Within days of becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) must face one of his most turbulent and defining trials: exploring a negotiated peace treaty with Nazi Germany, or standing firm to fight for the ideals, liberty and freedom of a nation.
2. 10. Copyscape
3. No wonder that banks have begun to get creative.

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