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1. With both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq returning over 14% while the Dow and MidCap 400 each kicking in close to 10%, you would assume that passive investors would have an awful lot to celebrate this year. And indeed, they would have, if it weren’t for those pesky overseas stocks that did nothing but drag on the performance of any diversified portfolio.
2. 单词senior 联想记忆:
3. calend一天+ar表名词,“人,物”→日历
4. 优化区域发展格局。
5. May everything beautiful and best be condensed into this card. I sincerely wish you happiness, cheerfulness and success.
6. 1. 热爱自己的事业。


1. 如果答案是“是”,那么也许你是D型人格的人。
2. 第五步 帅到没朋友
3. Meanwhile, it's onto 2010:
4. knot
5. “这可能影响他们一生。”
6. Spotify, the music streaming service, plans to list existing private shares directly on the New York Stock Exchange as soon as the fourth quarter rather than doing a formal IPO, while other large, well-known tech companies for now were seen as more likely prospects for 2018, bankers said.


1. circulate
2. 2.纳米比亚
3. Jose's mother Inma Quesada told the El Pais daily that her son "wanted to buy instruments" for his band Los Salerosos (loosely translated as "The Salties"), in which he plays the trumpet.
4. 公司确实有一个“黑名单”。不过不是真的写出来的列表,但是只要有机会,他们就想把“黑名单”上的人炒掉。如果你觉得自己常被无视,或是总是被分到些苦差事,或是老板无视你,或是调你的办公室,那么你有可能在“黑名单”上。
5. 追踪制造业、服务业和建筑业商务活动的官方指标显示,10月份这几个驱动中国经济的关键行业的增长有所放缓。
6. 10. Economics is killing the economy, but like coke addicts we won't stop


1. Kay说我很一直很吃惊因为很多人都会告诉他们的同事找工作的事。这是你做的最糟糕的事情之一。理论上说你不能告诉任何同事,但是有时你不得不告诉他们因为想得到他们的引荐。如果那样的话Kay说,你得挑一些值得信任的人,他们不会背后秘密异议也不会口误说出去。
2. Fifteen Chinese nationals have been charged with developing a fraud scheme in which they paid imposters to take entrance exams, including the SAT, and gained acceptance to elite American colleges and universities, the US Department of Justice said on Thursday. Conspirators were paid up to $6,000 each time they used counterfeit Chinese passports to trick test administrators into thinking they were the person who would benefit from the test score, a federal grand jury charged.重点单词
3. Don't Make Yourself Too Comfortable
4. Recipient: His Royal Highness Prince Harry
5. Length of program: 13 to 15 months
6. 需要德语技能的工作也在2016年的第三季度显著增长。那些想做德语翻译工作的人或许近来很幸运。


1. Best Companies rank: 66
2. 国家整体的幸福感
3. 5.Debrecen, Hungary

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    The world got by in 2013 with fewer confidence-shaking moments than in prior years. But the vulnerabilities haven't disappeared. 'It's not a great story anywhere, though it's more hopeful than it has been,' said Jerry Webman, chief economist at OppenheimerFunds.

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    Making Airbnb go away might not be so easy. A recent Quinnipiac poll found that 56 percent of the responders thought New Yorkers should be allowed to rent rooms out to strangers. “We don’t want to turn into hotels, but at the same time people want to rent out their apartments sometimes,” said Paul R. Gottsegen, the president of Halstead Management Company, which manages 250 residential properties in the city.

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