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1. You may already use Google Calendar, but are you using it wisely? Here’s a secret: only put stuff on your Google Calendar that will actually happen at that date and time. Use iPhone Reminders to remember things that are not time-sensitive (down to the hour or minute). Following this strategy will help you stay more sane.
2. 2010年英文新年祝福邮件
3. We will maintain ethical conduct and moral integrity at all times.
4. 上周一晚间,在MSNBC的一档节目中,主持人雷切尔·玛多询问前国务卿希拉里,她是否会做出和加拿大新总理贾斯汀·特鲁多今年早些时候类似的承诺?
5. 7. Kristen Stewart
6. 6.Do All the Work, Plus More


1. n. 活动,运动,移动,[音]乐章
2. As this year marks the 10th anniversary of the iconic Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni’s death, up to 13 of his classics - from his debut feature Story of a Love Affair to the 1995 romance Beyond the Clouds - will be screened as an homage to the master.
3. The board is frequently covered in equations. Have you ever wondered what those equations mean? Well, we may never know what they mean, but they are all real, accurate equations. Very impressive, Big Bang. Very impressive indeed.
4. 传统上,在教学和研究水平方面,中国大学在国际排名排行榜上的评价要比美国和欧洲的高校逊色一些。
5. bend的过去式和过去分词 adj. 下定决心的,弯曲的
6. Klay Thompson added 19 points and Andrew Bogut scored 13 for the Warriors, off to the best start by an NBA team since Dallas won its first 14 games in 2002-03. Golden State needs three wins to equal the league record of 15-0, held by the 1948-49 Washington Capitols and 1993-94 Houston Rockets.


1. No Bad Manners Awards could be complete without a mention of a Kardashian, could it?
2. “This is a historic moment for Puerto Rico,” said 50-year-old Jose Davila as he waved a large flag from Rossello’s pro-statehood party. “He’s the hope of our island, he’s the hope for statehood, he’s the hope for a people that have suffered.”
3. 但“平均”讲的是以前的情况,不是未来的事实。乐观言论不会让牛市重启,新的警告声音也不会刺破旧的泡沫。周期有自己的生命,该上行的时候上行,该下行的时候下行。这是很自然的事情。
4. 因此,看看吧。我真诚地希望你们会喜欢它们,就像我在挑选和编辑它们时那样。
5. 2010年最让人痴迷的东西是备受期待的iPhone,其他受关注的对象还有女演员林赛 罗韩、iPad、电视节目《欢乐合唱团》和《泽西海岸》。
6. For as long as the show has been running — ever since its debut in 2007 — we have been, it seems, suffering from what Hadley Freeman in The Guardian newspaper dubbed “madmenalaria.”


1. 最差运动员精神奖
2. 网上的撤稿公告共列出了107篇论文及524位作者,他们几乎都是中国临床肿瘤专家。所涉及的医院都是顶级公立机构。
3. Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister whose People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) is slightly ahead of the PVV, has seen his poll numbers rise in recent days because of his hardline stance with Ankara. On Tuesday he called Mr Erdogan’s comments “a disgusting distortion of history”, adding: “We will not lower ourselves to this level. It is totally unacceptable.”
4. 6.伯利兹城
5. In the 1990s, Roth applied it to the market for allocating US student doctors to hospitals. He developed a new algorithm that was adopted by the National Resident Matching Program, which helps match resident doctors with the right hospitals.
6. ● “一艾滋病女子故意传播艾滋病给586名男子,计划在2017年之前传染2000人以上”


1. 第六步 找到你的“花生”
2. Variety Talk Series: “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” (HBO)
3. adj. 可用的,可得到的,有用的,有效的

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