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1. [d?ɑ:]
2. 当小李子上台领取奖杯时,制片人哈维·韦恩斯坦兴奋地拍拍他的背,全场观众起立为他喝彩。
3. Among the top 10, four of them -- Pony Ma, Jack Ma, Ding Lei (CEO of Chinese game developer NetEase Inc) and Lei Jun (founder of smartphone maker Xiaoxi) -- are from TMT (telecommunications, media and technology) sectors.
4. v. 扛,肩负,承担,(用肩
5. 4. Booing isn't just for pantomimes
6. 《何以笙箫默》


1. Prof Cusumano sees all this as evidence that the company is opening up more, including in allowing developers to customise more of its iOS software.
2. Blake Griffin
3. 伦敦商学院的学员品质优秀,这让该商学院尤其具有价值。一位2011届的MBA学员表示:“跻身于如此人才济济的学习环境让我坚信,我可以独立做成某些事情。”
4. 周二,土耳其总统雷杰普?塔伊普?埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)对荷兰的外交声讨升级,他宣称荷兰“品德败坏”,并认为荷兰军队对二战以来欧洲最恶劣的大屠杀难辞其咎。
5. 一种全新的器官被归类了。研究人员同意为肠系膜归类,这种器官显然一直隐藏在我们的消化系统中。但这只是其中的一方面,因为我们还不确定它到底是什么。
6. If Lloyd Grossman were to go through the keyholes of Oscar winners’ houses, he would find their golden statues in various spots: from prime real estate such as the mantelpiece to the depths of cupboards collecting dust.


1. 工业企业利润由上年下降2.3%转为增长8.5%;
2. 8. Smile every time EXCEPT when my team is losing.
3. 尽管2016年受调查机场的平均准点率同比提高7%至70.4%,但航班平均延误时长为33分钟。
4. "All of these lists together speak a lot about 2010, and the revolutions in politics and technology of the year," Chan said.
5. 5.谷歌网站管理员工具
6. As for Dirk, nobody should ever go out the way they do, but it happens all the time. In some ways, maybe it's easier if the reckoning is this painful.


1. 最新名单显示香港大学排名第三,澳门大学排名第六。
2. 以下就是关于这些交易——或者那些本应发生的交易——的盘点,我们来看看今年交易截止日的赢家和输家分别是谁。
3. adj. 接收能力强的,愿意接受的,感官的
4. Attractions: Festivities for the 2014 World Cup
5. Plum Alley:
6. We will do more to energize the non-public sector.


1. 据另一家市场研究公司Counterpoint的统计数据显示,中国去年智能手机总出货量达到了4.65亿台,占据全球总量的近三分之一。
2. Homosexual behavior is responsible for 81.8 percent of the new cases, added the NHC, due to students' "poor awareness of protection, despite their high awareness of the disease."
3. 本周二在竞选的最后阶段,罗姆尼还前往俄亥俄州和宾夕法尼亚州,希望能在这些摇摆州取得选票支持。奥巴马竞选阵营这边,副总统拜登也前往了俄亥俄州,奥巴马本人留守芝加哥。

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