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1. One of the more notorious incidents was when Zhu Ling, a student at the prestigious Tsinghua University, was paralyzed when her roommate allegedly poisoned her with thallium in 1994.
2. Norway, which has twice rejected European Union membership, ranks No. 10 overall. The country takes the No. 1 spot in Citizenship and the No. 2 spot in Most Transparent.
3. rumor
4. 对比特币投资者而言,新一年的开头并不吉利。
5. 4.Avoid micromanaging
6. 普京对俄罗斯经济做出积极评价。他说,经济已渡过危机,至少渡过了危机的高峰。


1. 立场:呼吁结束政府停摆局面
2. Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry
3. 据另一家市场研究公司Counterpoint的统计数据显示,中国去年智能手机总出货量达到了4.65亿台,占据全球总量的近三分之一。
5. 3.Video Editing: 19.2 percent increase
6. Sales & Marketing


1. 网红的粉丝也具备年轻化、高学历的特点。在关注网红的用户中,77.8%的人年龄在17-33岁之间,而接受过高等教育的比例达到75%。
2. Two of Summly’s employees will move to Yahoo’s California headquarters, but – for now – Mr D’Aloisio is resisting the lure of Silicon Valley.
3. If you've got children, I understand that this isn't always possible. Children should always come first. But if you don't show up for your classes, you're not getting that education we discussed in No. 1.
4. 时间:2009-10-26 编辑:vicki
5. Experts also noted that the population control policies adopted in recent years have started to pay off.
6. 桑迪已经造成大规模损害,很可能带来更多灾害。


1. 9. Build your “A team”.
2. But that idea did not bring Brexit to the UK or Mr Trump to Washington.
3. The quality of its students makes LBS particularly valued. “Studying among so many talented people has instilled in me the belief that I can actually achieve something on my own,” comments one MBA graduate from the class of 2011.
4. The Suicide Squad is scheduled for an August 5th 2016 release.
5. In a working paper published on Tuesday, Robin Koepke, economist at the Institute of International Finance, an industry group, argues that investors, EM policymakers and the Fed itself have neglected the role of US interest rates in provoking currency, banking and debt crises in the emerging world.
6. The education sector has remained largely unchanged by online service delivery — but could be transformed dramatically in 2018.


1. 马特·达蒙凭借他在《火星救援》中扮演的被困宇航员一角而荣获喜剧类最佳男主角奖项。
2. This is the biggest question hanging over the global economy. And the biggest risk.
3. 9. 组建自己的“一流团队”。

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