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1. Among dozens of small, technology-focused acquisitions, the $3bn purchase of Beats Electronics, the celebrity-endorsed headphones and music streaming service, stands out as Apple’s largest ever deal. The acquisition still bemuses many Apple analysts, but in Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre, Beats’ founders, Mr Cook has instantly regained credibility with the music industry after years of neglecting the iTunes download store. If Mr Cook is guilty of missing the rapid growth of subscription services such as Spotify, he has moved swiftly to compensate for it — though for a high price.
2. At a minimum, it is impossible for most people to get to work in the city, which affects the locus of several industries, including finance, advertising, healthcare and the arts. The city's transportation lines, bridges, and tunnels were shut down for nearly two days, and at the latest report, the subways may be down well into next week.
3. adj. 有效的,有影响的
4. 最后,不管你是什么性格的人,积极生活,健康向上!
5. Children and hobbies do not belong on a résumé. And never, ever say, "Now that my kids are in college, I'm ready to get back in the workforce."
6. ['s?r?git]


1. 周期性理论的依据是,新投资不足将导致两三年或五年后出现供应紧张。大量的项目已被延迟,但这对于项目经理而言,不过是要想办法削减成本的一种信号。许多项目经理目前就在这么做。
2. 2=中立
3. In P2P lending, borrowers are matched with investors, who are encouraged to put their money into the loans due to higher returns than they could get at state banks.
4. 该排名衡量的是欧洲商学院研究生课程的质量和广度。商学院必须参与所有这4项排名,才有资格获得完整得分。伦敦商学院去年排名第三,为首次参与所有4项排名。
5. Employees of state-owned firms also expressed more satisfaction with their bonuses than those at private companies – and little wonder, as the average payout at the former was Rmb17,318, or about Rmb6,000 more than what their private-sector counterparts could expect.
6. Yes, some molds cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. And a few molds, in the right conditions, produce "mycotoxins," poisonous substances that can make you sick.


1. 根据普京最近的一次收入申报,2015年他总计收入大约为890万卢布(约合13.7万美元)。
2. For: The National Board of Review gave it their best film, actor and actress awards.
3. adj. 优雅的
4. rumor
5. I know many of you met your former spouse at the company. But the thing is, for every one of you, there are five people it doesn't work out as well for. And your office romance can and will be held against you.
6. Transforming and upgrading the real economy through innovation


1. Bottoms Up is the revolutionary new way to serve beer. The Bottoms Up system saves time, eliminates waste and awes customers!
2. It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…
3. 此外,在最新出炉的50位亿万女富豪中,有32位是白手起家。
4. 桑迪已经造成大规模损害,很可能带来更多灾害。
5. "You can no longer have some countries go first and others come in later, because there is no more time," said Glen P. Peters, a scientist at the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research in Oslo, who helped compile the new numbers. "It needs to be all hands on deck now."
6. Singer Susan Boyle came undone -- literally, when her trousers popped open at a soccer match as she waved a Celtic fan above her head in Scotland. The "Britain


1. Global emissions of greenhouse gases jumped 2.3 percent in 2013 to record levels, scientists reported Sunday, in the latest indication that the world remains far off track in its efforts to control global warming.
2. It is up to other institutions — notably, Congress, courts and media — and the citizens at large now to do so.
3. adj. 傲慢的,自大的

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