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1. Children show “Paper-cutting Flowers” (China Southern Dance School under the China Dancers Association)
2. France’s HEC Paris and Essec Business School remained second and third, respectively, for the third year running.
3. Men and women rated the strengths of their programme equally.
4. Coca-Cola is in the middle of transforming its business as it sells off its bottling operations in the US and across the globe to focus on producing the concentrate that makes many of its drinks as well as research and development. Those sales will allow the company to focus more of its resources on innovation and acquisitions.
5. 多名网友爆料称,周六日研究生入学考试开考前,部分试题和答案就已经提前被公布了。
6. 事实上,去往俄罗斯有许多可供选择的廉价航班。其国内的西伯利亚大铁路也使得交通十分便利。


1. 单词circulation 联想记忆:
2. Whole Foods CEO John Mackey
3. ['epik]
4. I know a lot more about you when you walk in the door than you realize. I'll search for you on the web and often use my own personal network to do a pre-interview reference check.
5. capacity
6. 2. Don’t fantasize about big brother: I am only legend.


1. 促进消费稳定增长。
2. 体育在热门趋势搜索排行中占据了优势地位,对2012欧洲杯和奥运门票感兴趣的人最多,排名超过了休斯顿和凯特王妃。
3. The number of people living in poverty in rural areas was reduced by 12.4 million.
4. setting
5. 3.7 加大生态环境保护治理力度
6. radiation


1. May the New Year bring many good things and rich blessings to you and all those you love!
2. We are now in the midst of the most peaceful era of human history. Back in the 1940s, 300 out of every 100,000 people would die as a direct result of war. We’re happy to tell you that that figure is now less than 1.
3. vt. 管理,调整,控制
4. 宾夕法尼亚州立大学的气候科学家迈克尔·E·曼恩(Michael E. Mann)在电子邮件中说,“如果不是由于燃烧化石燃料所产生的、导致地球变暖的气体排放越来越多的原因,在上千年史无前例的几十年较暖期间、创纪录地变暖的十年中,看到变暖的又一个记录年度,是非常不可能的。”
5. n. 宣言,声明 vi. 发表宣言
6. According to the country's film regulator, China's box office sales have boosted a whopping 48.7 percent in the last year alone.


1. 周二在华盛顿DC倒下的大树把一条街拦住了。
2. 2010年美国平均失业率:10.2%。
3. 2016年,担忧和愤怒主导了英国和美国这两个最重要、稳定、悠久的民主政体的政治情绪。

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    Ever since the 1994 World Cup, the average scoring has been on a steady downward slope. In 2010 it bottomed out at 2.27, the second lowest average in World Cup history (1990 averaged just 2.20).

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    Spanish business school IE has scored a hat-trick by reaching the top spot in the Financial Times ranking of online MBA programmes for the third year in a row. IE came in ahead of the UK’s Warwick Business School, ranked number two for the third year running, and Durham University Business School, which made it into the top three for the first time.

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    Influenced by the current economic situation, and resource relocation in China's financial market, the banking industry is away from the high-speed growth period, the expert added.

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    The difficulty of arranging visas for the large contingent of students from outside the EEA partly explains why UK schools performed disproportionally poorly in terms of international course experience, with 14 schools ranked in the bottom half of this criterion.

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    Meanwhile, figures such as Wang Jianlin, China’s richest man, have raised concerns about Chinese state-owned enterprises’ investments in Europe, arguing that they lack international management standards.