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1. 2. Mobile overtakes the web.
2. as朝向,soci(同伴,社会)-成为同伴-联合
3. 别了,《广告狂人》(Mad Men)。别了,那些追踪每集情节(更重要的是,每集服装)的博客和粉丝网站。
4. v. 借,供应货款,
5. China in 2012: fixated on stability as the pressures mount without and within.
6. 还有呢,就是道德。“如果你通过使用公司的设备来设法离开这里就实在对你的雇主太不公平了。”福斯说。


1. pro前面,to头,col=coll-前面的头要酷一点儿-礼节
2. The number of people holding degrees from colleges or universities reached 170.93m, which means there were 12,445 people with an advanced education per 100,000 people in 2015, up from 8,930 in 2010. The number of people who had attended a senior high school also increased, and the number who had only completed lower-level education fell.
3. 8月12日,港口城市天津的一座非法储存危险化学品的仓库发生一连串爆炸,导致173人死亡,数百人受伤,造成的破坏景象仿佛末日来袭。此次爆炸事件提出了有关中国在快速工业化进程中安全监管松懈的严肃问题。
4. [d?ɑ:]
5. "In addition, universities have paid a lot of attention to cultivating innovation instead of starting up companies. This is another reason for the low desire on campus to found startups."
6. James Bond Themes 6. "A View to a Kill" by Duran Duran


1. surrogate
2. Do you tend to hide your feelings from others?
3. 8.软件工程师
4. adj. 透视的
5. People in fourth-tier and smaller cities have economic pressures close to the national average level in terms of income, education, medical services and elderly care, while family and human relationship stress are higher than second- and third-tier cities.
6. 中国的创新表现有所改善,在"创新质量"方面排名第17,这是个考量高校水平、科学出版物数量和国际专利申请量的指标。


1. Anyway, it's nice to see that LeBron has filled into his monster physique nicely in the past nine years.
2. A partnership with IBM to sell iPads and iPhones to big corporate customers is just one example of how Apple is looking beyond its own walls more under Mr Cook, something Jobs had resisted.
3. Consider:
4. Companies are always looking to save money, and outsourcing some roles to freelancers can help. Virtual assistants can perform many of the duties of full-time staffers, but with less commitment. These workers could help expand a business, or just encourage things to run more smoothly.
5. adj. 国内的,家庭的,驯养的
6. 欧洲出现了债务危机。日本面临自然灾害。曾经是全球亮点的新兴市场也失去了光芒。近来意大利、埃及和泰国等国频现政治危机,这或许表明全球市场可能将出现新一轮动荡。


1. In a close second was Changsha, capital of Hunan province, with growth of 4.5.
2. Yet institutions matter, too, because they set the rules of the game.
3. 6.Miniature Human Brains

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    The survey of 11,500 workers by Chinese employment agency Zhaopin found that 50.9 per cent did not get an annual bonus at the end of 2016. Another 9.6 per cent were told their bonus had been delayed until after the new year holiday.

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    One difficulty in assessing the potential for ETFs in Asia, say experts at the largest asset management houses, is both the disproportionate size of the Japanese market within the region and the role played by the Bank of Japan, which distorts the market as it buys ¥6tn ($54bn) of ETFs a year.

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    Unlike many young girls who are starstruck by celebrities, Maddie claims that she keeps a cool head at events like the Grammys because she sees herself as a star, so needs to act accordingly.